Tallinn Children’s Home opened its doors on 1 January 2001.
Tallinn Children’s Home is a mixed-care social welfare institution in Tallinn. Its main objective is to ensure a safe and secure growing environment for children and young people without parental care, and to support families with disabled children and difficulties in coping. The institution provides a number of different social services, with the biggest and most substantial of the provided services being the substitute home service. Each year, we offer different types of services to approximately 350 children/young people/families.
In 2013, we provided services at a total of 10 different addresses.

 Since 2013, Tallinn Children’s Home services have met the criteria of the EQUASS Assurance social service quality certification.  The areas taken into account by this certification include leadership, personnel, rights, ethics, collaboration, participation, personal center, reach, viewpoint on results, and lasting progress. The new certificate Equass Assurance has been awarded to Tallinna Lastekodu Estonia for the following services/departments: Asenduskoduteenus for the period from  January 10, 2016 until January 10, 2018.